Day One - 8th October


Networking and Registration


Chairs opening remarks


Big Picture Panel
Remaining True to your Culture, Brand and Mission as Operations Expand

  • Maintaining integrity and company identity throughout the growth process
  • Together through growing pains - The ins and outs of staff remuneration and retention
  • Staying in touch with operations “on the ground” and preserving integrity
  • Maintaining team collaboration across departments and working towards a collective goal
  • Sharing lessons learned

Charlie Bigham, Founder, Charlie Bigham’s

Steve Byrne, Chief Executive Officer, Travel Counsellors

Mark Campbell, Managing Director, Higgidy

Rebecca Mayhew, Co‑Founder and Director, Go Ape

Pip Murray, Founder, Pip & Nut


Santander Trailblazer Session


Expert Panel
Expanding Operations Internationally – From Outsourcing to Exploring Global Opportunity

  • Finding the right strategy for moving into the global marketplace
  • Manufacturing internationally – Discussing outsourcing as growth vehicle
  • When to approach new avenues of financing beyond the UK
  • Finding the right partners to facilitate expansion, from government agencies to advisory firms and beyond
  • Planning your move in an uncertain economic and political climate

Networking and Coffee Break


Keynote Address
Growing your Business the “No Bullsh*t Leadership”-way

In this keynote, Chris Hirst, Global CEO at Havas Creative and author of No Bullsh*t Leadership: Why the World Needs More Leaders and Why That Leader is You, will present a practical guide to getting things done, everyday: no jargon, no guff, no unworkable theories.

• A step-by-step working guide on how to lead through difficult periods of growth and transformation

• Demystifying an over-analysed subject, to get to the heart of modern leadership

• Exploring principles and actionable steps to grow your business across sector boundaries

• Understanding the importance of confident decision-making, company-culture, and how to create teams that outperform the competition.

Chris Hirst, Chief Executive Officer, Havas Creative


Expert Panel
Big Reputation - Excelling at PR and Managing your Image

  • How to maximise exposure for your Business at different stages of growth
  • Creating a clear image and company identity to hit the ground running
  • Aiding HR-proceedings through building your public image
  • Identifying stakeholders, building a relationship and growing your exposure
  • Adding credibility through PR vs. advertising efforts

Chair: Alison Shadrack, Founder, Adia PR

Claudia Lambeth, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Luna Mae

Harriet Hastings, Founder and Managing Director, Biscuiteers

David Spencer-Percival, Founder, No.1 Rosemary Water

Lee Thompson, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Flash Pack



  • Expanding beyond single product operations
  • Spreading the Word: Marketing, Growth Hacking and Social Media
  • Self-Funding – The ups and downs of doing it yourself
  • Preparing your company for acquisition

Networking Lunch


Expert Address
Busting the Myths of Brand Design

Ed Silk, Head of Strategy, Bulletproof


Panel Discussion
Sharing Insights – The Importance of Customer Research and CRM to your Sales Strategy

  • Understanding your position in the market, how to maintain it and how to expand
  • Staying in touch with your customer base through various phases of growth
  • Making sure your sales strategy delivers so your sales investment isn’t wasted
  • Beyond pricing - Making the right changes across departments to make customers choose you
  • Considering customer feedback when planning expansion into new markets/products

Guy Schanschieff, Founder & Managing Director, Bambino Mio


Growth Hacking Power Session – Growth Tribe UK

  • Furthering company growth through rapid experimentation and growth marketing
  • Investigating saturated marketing channels and how to stand out from the crowd
  • Harnessing data analysis, behavioural psychology, coding and more to drive growth
  • Charting the journey towards a consumer-centric, experiment and data-driven strategy

Mitchell Platt, Country Manager UK, Growth Tribe


Networking and Coffee Break


Panel Discussion
Purpose and Profit - Managing CSR/ESG policies as expectations are changing

  • Sharing differing approaches to CSR and how your company is making a difference
  • Preparing your stance and solidifying policies as you lose start-up stage anonymity
  • Managing your processes to deliver positive impact to all stakeholders
  • Addressing CSR approaches as core stakeholder and investor draws
  • Integrating CSR policy into everyday operations and engaging your team with it

Charlie Dorman, Director, Connection Crew

Tim James, Co-Founder, Schoolblazer


Q&A Panel
Stronger Together(?) - The Ups and Downs of Co-Founding and Partnership

  • Examining the intricacies of trusting someone else with your life’s work
  • Reconciling professional partnership with private connections
  • Examining the reasoning behind splitting equity and what it means for your business
  • Finding the right division of responsibilities within your business
  • Sharing accountability and finding the best way to keep each other focused

Radha Vyas, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Flash Pack


Chair’s Closing Remarks and Drinks reception

Day Two - 9th October


Networking and Registration


Chair’s opening remarks


Market Overview – Beauhurst
Discovering Funding Trends for Growing Businesses

Ava Scott, Research and Consultancy Associate, Beauhurst


Big Picture Panel
Implementing the right funding model to support your company’s growth

  • Dealing with the difficulties of early stage funding and maintaining control
  • Making the right initial capital allocation choices to maximise success
  • Incorporating later stage funding methods as your business grows
  • Considering alternative finance and whether it could be the right fit for you

Damien Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lee’s Pure Foods

Digby Vollrath, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Feast It


Case Study
How I Used the Flexibility of the Startup Stage to Achieve Success

  • Creating a business plan…and knowing when to let it go
  • Navigating uncertainty with the right team and attitude
  • Observing consumer behaviour and product performance and acting quickly accordingly
  • Fostering diversity and utilising unique vantage points to make the best decision for your business

Melissa Morris, CEO, Lantum


Adjusting HR Procedure to Changing Business Needs

  • Focusing on brand strategy and company mission to compete for the candidate pool
  • Measuring company needs and coping when you need to hire quickly and well
  • Adjusting individual areas of responsibility and maintaining company culture as team-size increases
  • Integrating new team members with long-serving staff throughout rapid growth

Patrick McCrae, CEO, Artiq


Networking and coffee break


Out of the Box Speaker Address
5 Things the Next 5 Years Will Bring – Exploring the Future of Tech-Innovation

  • Discussing the Future of Business in a changing world – from energy to AI
  • Planning for the future in the face of technological advancement
  • Addressing the changes the next decade will bring and how the world will respond

Leo Johnson, Presenter, Radio 4’s FutureProofing and Head of Disruption, PWC


Innovator Panel
Discovering the Future of Tech – Looking Ahead and Keeping Up

  • Finding the strategy to drive growth and stay at the forefront of innovation
  • Onwards and Upwards - Buying into the tech crunch to accelerate growth
  • Creating societal change and mapping the future of information through technology
  • Identifying Implementable Innovation to actively aid your business strategy

Chair: Leo Johnson, Presenter, Radio 4’s FutureProofing and Head of Disruption, PWC

Tarryn Gorre, Chief Executive Officer, Kafoodle

Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Pavegen

Richard Potter, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Peak


Networking Lunch


Growth Vehicle M&A- Managing the way forward for your business

An additional workshop with a separate registration process which offers an in-depth look at mergers and acquisitions. This session will look at both the buyer and seller side of M&A, covering themes of valuation, due diligence, managing the transitional process and many more. Given that mergers and acquisitions have been identified time and time again as a primary growth driver for businesses of all sizes, this additional session provides a look at the ins and outs of this crucial process and allows for extensive discussion and learning.


Growth Strategy Troubleshooting – Identifying and avoiding potential expansion pitfalls

An additional workshop with a separate registration process which offers an in-depth look at building the right growth strategy for your business. The focus will lie on identifying potential pitfalls and issues, and how to work around them. Expert workshop leaders will ensure high-quality content and extensive discussion time.


Hiring for High-Growth

An additional workshop with a separate registration process, which offers an in-depth look at recruiting and retaining the right talent for your business, to support and drive rapid growth. It needs great people to achieve great things, and building a strong team is instrumental to business success. The workshop will be run by seasoned experts, sharing their expertise, insights and addressing individual concerns and questions in-depth.

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